Useful information

Traveling formalities  

Greece is member of the European Union and also of the Schengen Agreement.  

A passport is not a compulsory requirement for European Union citizens traveling from or to Schengen countries. Your ID is sufficient. There are no custom formalities. A valid passport is required for all non E.U. citizens traveling to Greece. Visa formalities may be required for visitors from some countries.


Euro (€) is the currency of Greece.

Time Zone

Greece belongs to the Eastern-European time zone and in the summer time it is three hours (+3) ahead of Greenwich Time (1 hour ahead of middle European time zone).

Telephone Code

Greece’s Telephone Code is: +30 + phone number.

Climate – Weather Conditions in May

Situated next to the sea, the city's climate is directly affected by it. Light sea breezes are frequent. They refresh the air and make the hot summer supportable.

May is when the sun truly starts to shine, so if you are heading out, be sure to grab your sun cream. Daily high temperatures can go up to 24 degrees Celsius and with an average of 18 degrees every day all day is a great opportunity for fun under the sun! Short rains are not excluded but they don’t last for long. The sun appears soon.

Details about the weather can be found here :


Getting around the city of Thessaloniki is feasible by bus and taxis as both are easily available at relatively low cost. Buses travel frequently but are usually crowded. Taxis wait for you at taxi stations, although they stop anywhere if you make a sign by hand. The Hotel reception can call for you a taxi, if needed. Hence, most famous attractions can easily be reached on foot. The city is extended along the seafront and all main streets run parallel to the promenade, your reference point. So you can’t be lost.

Public transport in Thessaloniki is served only by buses. Standard tickets cost 1 € (purchased at a point of sale) valid for a single trip and 1,20 € (purchased at a point of sale) valid for up to two (2) trips made within seventy (70) minutes from the time of issue and only for one direction. Tickets are also on sale within the bus with a surplus of 0,10  €. The automatic sale machines inside the buses accept only coins.

Food and Beverages

Thessaloniki is famous all over Greece for its Mediterranean cuisine and taverns. Dishes like moussaka (baked aubergines with minced meat), tzatziki (kind of salat with yoghurt) or gemista (tomatoes and paprikas stuffed with minced meat) are some of the traditional Greek specialties. Don’t miss to taste Gyros Pitta (pork meat wrapped in a flatbread) or Souvlaki (small pieces of meat grilled on a skewer) which you can buy in the city center from street shops. This traditional kind of food is chip, filling and delicious. From the local drinks try retsina (resin wine) or ouzo (a strong anise flavored aperitif). On your walk near Aristoteles Square don’t forget to pick up from the street a koulouri (a type of bread ring covered with sesame) which costs only 50 cents and is a must. You should feel perfectly safe to eat and drink everything.

Shopping in Thessaloniki

Take the opportunity to buy a wide variety of local products like olive oil, olives, white cheese (feta), alcoholic drinks (wine, ouzo, retsina) and a big choice of roasted nuts. Prices are reasonable. Especially delicious are the Greek sweets of any kind. Get in a pastry shop and you will be amazed by the choice. A suggestion: profiterole !

Malls and big stores operate from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:00 or 20:00. Little shops, boutiques and other commercial markets operate on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00 and on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 9.00 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00. On Sundays everything is closed. The main commercial street in the city is Tsimiski Street.